Monday, October 5, 2009

My Day

Sometime Mike comes home from work and wonders out I  had done that day.  I would be home all day and the living room is more messy than it was when he left for work in the morning.  Well, today, I thought I would capture a few of the thing I did done (or things the boys did).

I started off will the alarm blaring in my ear at 6:30 am,  I slammed the snooze button, hopefully that I would have just a minute or two before Brendan came knocking at the door.  Unfortunately that didn't happen, so I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the twin's room to get them up and pick out their clothes (I like the fact that I still get to pick out their clothes b/c I have lost all the control when it comes to what Brendan wears.)  Next it is was feeling of being a drill Sergent - having to keep them on time so they don't miss the bus.  It's getting breakfast in their tummies(I don't think either of the twins have actually finished their breakfast yet on a school morning), getting their teeth brushed, socks on, shoes on, and backpacks stuffed full.  At 5 to 7, Mike pulls in the driveway and off they go.  SIGH, finally a moment to sit and wake up.  I usually spent that time on the computer, checking email and catching up on Facebook.

Sometime over the next hour, I  begin to hear noise coming from Connor's room and within a few minutes I will hear "Mommy, Mommy, it's light out."   He will continue to say the same thing until I let him out of his room.  Over the morning, we have breakfast, watch Noggin and I headed to the sewing room.

And I did get some sewing done. I started off by making a XL taggie for Connor.  I am hoping to gradually get rid of his two big blankies and have just the taggie.  Then it's was on to bags for last week's party. Every so often I peek in on Connor  to see what he's doing.  One of the time when I went to check on Connor he came running from the toy room saying "No Cookies, right Mommy?"  Of course I replied "That's right, Connor."

But I also knew that was a sign that he was probably being naughty and sure enough.  I stepped in a sea of purple, orange, black and white sprinkle on the carpet.  Two almost full bottles worth.  And to be honest I still haven't vacuumed them up - there's too much sewing to be done this week.  I know that's not a good excuse, but not of sight = not of mind.  I didn't think about it again until the boys came home from school and then I heard " MOM!!!!!  Did you see what Connor did today?  There's a HUGE mess in here."

Then it was lunch time,  I almost forgot about lunch.  Connor doesn't ask about food as much as the others.  So I had to remind him to eat.  Of course it was the usual... pbj, animal crackers and yogurt.

About 2:00 I rec'd a phone call from school, Luc had gotten hurt of the playground at school and I needed to come get him.  Well I was still in my pj's, my teeth were not brushed, hair a mess, and face was naked.  So I quickly got cleaned up and while I was doing that, Connor thought he would "help" me.  He came up stair "Mommy, look, I did my hair!!!"  He had taken the gel and covered the entire head of hair with the gel.

With no extra time, I quickly rubbed a washcloth over his head to get the excess gel out and then spiked his hair. I think it will still be like that tomorrow.

We finally got to school at 2:40, only twenty minutes before school gets out.  And I was thinking, was it really worth it that I came to school.  Luc had just gone back into the classroom and seemed to be doing fine, so I headed to the room and the minute he saw me the tears began to flow and I was a little taken back by how big the goose head was on his forehead.  I gave him the choice to come home with me or stay at school.  His choice was to come home.  So Austin, bless his dear heart, gathered up Luc's sweatshirt, backpack and take home folder and brought them to you.  Luc had his hands full with the frozen sponge in a plastic bag that the school office gave him.    I think the frozen sponge is pretty ingenious, I need to remember that.

We got home from picking up Luc at 3:15 p.m. - We have 30 minutes until I had to pack Connor and Luc back up in the car and go get Brendan and Austin from the bus stop.  I spent that time checking my email again, and founding out from Lucas what happened at school.

After we got home from the bus stop,  it was once again time to be drill sergeant this time just to Brendan and tried to get some more sewing in.  He proudly announced that he didn't have any homework.  I guess he didn't remember that his homework also includes reading 20 minute per day and he needed to start learning his new bible memory.  And he only had a short amount of time, seeing how he had soccer practice at 6:00.  It's hard to got him to focus when the other boys were watching a little bit of TV.  Finally he went to the other room and spent some time reading and started reading through his bible memory work.  But then the TV sucked him in again and I had to him dressed for soccer and get supper in him.

Mike headed off to soccer with Brendan and I made supper for the other boys.  Then I headed back to the sewing room and got started on another order.   When Mike and Brendan returned home, MIke and I eat while the boys get their PJ's on and the I head up stairs to tuck all the boys in bed.  Then it was back to the sewing room for some more sewing, but I didn't get much done because I started on blogging for the two field trips we were on the last couple weeks and then this blog.

So that was my day.  I didn't get much cleaning done or  laundry washed, but then again there is always tomorrow.