Monday, October 5, 2009

Luc & Austin's field trip

Last week Wednesday, Luc and Austin's class had a field trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens. We needed to leave school at 9:00am, luckily I got there just as the last kids were getting on the bus.   The boys were excited to go to FM gardens again (they were there last spring to see the butterflies)  

Mrs Boomsma's kindergarten class

The reason for going to the gardens was to explore the 5 sense gardens - seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.  If there was addition time the kids were able to explore the rest of the children' garden, and boy did we explore...or at least we did lots of running.

Austin & Luc smelling the nose, it smelled fruity

The boys taking their turn looking through the periscope, using their sense of sight.

The boys by the big tongue.

The twins, listening for sounds that are coming from the ear

After getting through the 5 senses garden, the boys wanted to go to the tree house and run and run and run.

playing in the beaver's den

After we finished up in the gardens, we headed back by the bus for a snack of goldfish and juice, but there was a big surprise for everyone when we got there.  Mr Stan, the bus driver had gone to Krispie Cream's while we were riding around the gardens and bought everyone a donut, YUM!!!  They were so good.

What a fun day!