Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Aunt Jodi's Donkey

The Wednesday after Christmas, I took Brendan and Austin to see Aunt Jodi's donkey. Lucas
really had no interest and preferred to go to Grama's house. I couldn't believe how well trained this donkey was. I was amazed that neither of the boys got kicked as many times as the run right behind the donkey and as loud as they were.

The Legend of the Donkey's Cross
One story tells how Joseph purchased the small donkey several months
before the trip to Bethlehem so Mary could become accustomed to the animal.
A great bond grew between the pair as Mary took care of the donkey and
nightly covered him with her robe. However, at the start of the trip the donkey
picked up a thorn in one of his front feet which caused him to go lame.
Every step was painful, but he knew how important it was for him to carry Mary
carefully. With great patience and will power the donkey struggled along the trail
carefully, being sure not to limp for fear it would make Mary uncomfortable. So
careful he was that neither Mary nor Joseph knew the donkey was in great pain.
Finally the trip ended in Bethlehem. The little donkey was able to lie down and
sleep in the hay, covered with Mary's robe. Later that night an angel came and
lifted the robe from his back and said "Among the beasts thou alone always shall
be blessed, for in another's time of need you bore your cross of pain in silence, and
all men shall know you for the greatness of your heart. Your children and your
children's children forever more shall bear your mark of honor among the beasts."
When Mary's robe was removed from the donkey the next morning,
she and Joseph saw something that had never been seen there before:
A cross on his back. And every small donkey has since borne the
cross on his back as a reward for his work.