Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas at Home

The Saturday before Christmas we had the kids open their presents.

We started the night by going to the boys favorite restaurant; Pizza Hut. After dinner we went back home for presents. The boys were so excited, well as least the three oldest. Connor really didn't think too much of presents or the wrapping paper this year. I don't think he opened any of his own gifts. We would put a gift in front of him and he would turn and run away.

The annual pic of the boys by the Christmas Tree

Brendan with new games for his leapster he got last year

Lucas and Austin with their Lighting McQueen Puzzles

Connor got a Noah's Ark Boat with animals. I think Austin likes it more than Connor does.

Austin and Lucas also got floor puzzles, one it of the USA and the other of ocean and it's animals

Lucas is showing off his new game. Austin got one too. On this game they can freehand draw, connect the dots, color by number. I guess I can buy games for it if they get bored with them later...maybe for the car ride to Florida....

Mike and the boys got me a docking station for my ipod, it has come in handy with playing Christmas music as of late.

The boys and I got Mike tickets to the Detroit Red Wings and the GR Griffins. It was a packet bundle, so on Feb 29 watch the Red Wings maybe you will see us on TV. ;o)