Monday, January 21, 2008

The Diagnosis Is In

So yesterday at lunch, I noticed that Austin just wasn't himself. He looked terrible and he wasn't eatting, so I had Mike take his temperature: 100.8. My first thought was "Oh, great another sick kid and I won't be able to go to Coffeebreak again this week." (I hadn't been there since the first of November.)
Well this morning, I checked his temperature again, this time 101.3. I decided to called the doc and Mike took Austin in.
Yes, it's strep throat. And to make matters worst. While Mike was informing me that if we thought either on the other two boys(Lucas or Connor) shows signs of strep, we can just call in to the peds office and they would give us a presciption over the phone - skipping the office visit (saving us $), Connor got a hold of Austin's sucker that of course Austin had already sucked on. I guess I will be calling the doc in about 5 days....What a Life !!!!!!