Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas with the Geerlings

We gathered for Christmas with my family on Wednesday night. I can say that it was very nice not to have more than one party a day. That did mean that we have parties 5 night in a order.
Again we first had supper, then we had to get a family pictures with all 20 of us with a camera on a timer. That can be interesting getting all the kids to look in the right direction at the right time. Never of the ones on my mom's camera are good enough to show (I used my mom's camera for this party seeing how mine is now broken.) Finally the presents!!!!

Brendan got stuff for his Build-a-Bear Dog that Grama gave him on his birthday.
Dad got a new laptop
Connor got a PB Kids chair. I think he will love getting in and out of it. He's at that age.
Grama got a new shelf custom made for her cookbooks and some jewelry
Phil with his new shirt from AE
Allyson loving her new bag, coin purse, and books
Sarah also got a new bag.
Isaiah needed a new guitar seeing how he says he going to be playing the guitar in church someday.
Kerri with her new purse
Jodi with her new bag for school.
Austin trying to decide what present to open first, unfortunately two of those were Luc's
The last gift Connor got and finally showed a small of amount of interest but it didn't last long as you can see on the picture below. There sits the half wrapped gift.
Lucas posing for mom as he rips open his present
Brendan also got a new JD Sweatshirt and a new game.
Katelyn showing off her new purse. I'm going to sense a pattern- purses, purses and more purses. I wonder who made those???? LOL