Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas with the Van Dams

Sunday afternoon we headed to Mom and Dad VD's house for lunch and presents. The boys were so excited to see Morgan and of course to open the gifts.

Morgan, Brendan and Austin opening their stockings; they got watercolor paints, candy, Village Dipper Gift Cert., McDonald's Gift Cards, stickers, any more.
Austin looking at his Go GO Go, as he says it, Color Wonder book and markers - you know that markers that only right on certain paper, they great for church.
Connor checking out his new School Bus and thinking 'what buttons can I push to make noise'.
Mike and his gift card to Lowes
Me and my new bowl for my mixer, now I can make more than one batch of cookies without cleaning out the bowl.
Brendan got a World Globe for Christmas. Now when everyone else goes on vacation he can figure where they are.

Brendan also got some toys to add to his tree house in the backyard.

Aunt Kelli got Luc and Austin M&M soccer balls from the M&M store in NYC. They thought the balls were pretty cool. If it were only spring right now....

I don't remember taking this picture of Connor , but I like it and wanted to post it.

I made Morgan this apron for one of her presents this year. I think it turned out pretty cute!!!!