Saturday, January 19, 2008

Outside the Locked Doors

This morning Mike and I tried sleeping in and the only way to do that, without having four boys, (or should I say three, because so far Connor can't get out of his bed) in the room running circles, is to have the door locked.

That being said about 8:00am we started to hear little knocks on our door with an occassionally "MOM, I'm hungry". Well that woke me up but I still stayed in bed hoping they would fen for themselves as they usually did. BUT not this morning, the next thing we know we hear Brendan saying "1,2,3 go!!!!" and he comes charging down the hall and hits our door, which is locked. Then it was quiet, but before long he did it again.

At that point we knew we had no choice but to get up before the door came crashing down or someone got hurt. What a great start to the day.